How to Deck out Your Outdoor Living Space for the Holidays

Traditionally, adorning the front of your house with festive holiday decor for the entire neighborhood to see has been the norm. But, have you ever decorated your backyard space to give you and your family a personal winter wonderland that’s just for you? With Christmas coming up in just a few days, we want to provide you with some of our expert tips to transform your patio and backyard space for the holidays as you kick off your celebrations this week. 

Outline Walkways with Christmas Lights

Something that’s quick and easy to do ahead of your holiday celebrations is to line all paths and walkways in your backyard with lights. You can choose lights in any color and bulb style you wish to complement your overall backyard design. 

This not only adds some festive flair to your outdoor space but also plays a practical role if you plan on having friends and family over for the holiday as it will help to light the designated walkways as the sun goes down. 

Wreaths and Festive Foliage

One way to incorporate your festive decor throughout your entire backyard area is to put up wreaths and festive foliage around the entire space. You can hang wreaths on your fence, on the side of your house, or any other backyard structures you might have like a pergola or shed so no area feels overlooked. If you wish, you can drape garland around the top of your fence or along the deck railing for some added depth in your design. 

Don’t forget about the holiday florals that are available this time of year like poinsettias, holly, or amaryllis. Adding these potted flowers along your deck or outdoor entertainment space will certainly make the whole place feel jolly and festive. 

Cozy Holiday-Themed Throws and Pillows

If you live in an area where the weather permits you to have outdoor holiday celebrations, consider making your seating area and entertainment space cozier by adding some holiday-themed throws and pillows. You don’t have to break the bank to execute this idea, but finding a red and white striped blanket to wrap up with or festive throw pillows can be the added touch that your guests truly appreciate. 

Outdoor Christmas Tree

If you want to really deck out your backyard space for your holiday celebrations, consider putting up an outdoor Christmas tree and decorating it with lights and ornaments just like you would with your indoor tree. Especially if you plan on entertaining in your outdoor space, this will give you a focal point for your event where everyone can gather around and open gifts. 

Make sure you’re using decorative pieces that are weather-resistant and can stand up to the elements if you get a little rain or wind. So, you’ll probably want to keep your most valuable ornaments and keepsakes for your indoor tree. However, there are plenty of plastic ornaments, outdoor lights, and festive garlands that you can use to make the patio tree feel just as jolly as your indoor one.