How to Create a Backyard Outdoor Grill Area

meat and veggies on a grill
Assorted meat and vegetables on barbecue grill cooked for summer family dinner

The grill truly is the heart of an outdoor kitchen. Having a top-notch outdoor grill and kitchen can completely change the way you entertain. Your loved ones will adore gathering at your home for dinner, drinks, and celebrations. To create the finest space, you need to consider a few details about the setup.

Choose a Quality Grill

There are many types of grills on the market, all with different benefits. It is important that the grill you choose can cook at the temperatures and with the functions that you desire. 

Gas grills are the most common type of grill. They are quick and easy to use, often with just a touch of a button. You can change the range of temperature and heat via convenient control knobs. 

Kettle grills are great for smaller spaces. They use charcoal and a petite cooker that resembles a kettle. They have a removable lid, grates to cook on, and an attached stand. Heating and cooling may take a bit longer than gas grills, but charcoal grills tend to reach higher temperatures. 

Pick the Right Placement

Safety is one of the first things to consider when installing your grill.  Unless directed otherwise, grills must be placed ten feet away from the side of your home and away from other flammable items. 

You’ll also need to think about the size of your outdoor space and how you plan to use it. What activities do you and your guests typically enjoy? If you like active sports, you will need to ensure your cooking space leaves enough room instead of becoming a hindrance. Are you wanting to create a full entertainment set up with a large television? If so, keep enough space for both the screen and your loved ones’ chairs. 

Choose a Well-Ventilated Area

The last thing you want is to be distracted by smoke and debris while entertaining your guests. Grilling and cooking can cause a lot of fumes, especially at a high heat. Make sure you plan to install your grill in a place with plenty of opportunities for fresh air.


Your grill needs to be both functional and enjoyable to use. The right accent pieces can bring your grill to another level of comfort and style. Try an easy-to-install grill cabinet for a variety of storage options like drawers, shelves, and pull-out slides. 

Werever grill cabinets are custom designed and fit for your grill’s dimensions and countertop thickness. No carpentry is required for our grill cabinets, so you can have a more beautiful outdoor dining area in less time. All the grill adjustments are made before it arrives at your home by using our expert design software and CNC machinery. 

Good Lighting

Late diners and evening cooking can leave you searching for light. Without extra outdoor kitchen lighting, chopping, cutting, and grilling can become a hazard. 

Be sure to add accessories like lights on your grilling station. Not only will it provide a soft, warm glow to the atmosphere, but you’ll be able to keep cooking with precision.