How to Celebrate Your Dad with a Backyard BBQ

If you want to know how to throw the perfect backyard Father’s Day BBQ, you’ve come to the right place! With the proper planning and preparation, you can host an event that would make any father feel special on this day. By following these steps, you can plan a stress-free Father’s Day BBQ that is unforgettable. 

Select Your Location

Depending on your family and how many live in your area, you may have a large family gathering for your Father’s Day BBQ, or maybe it will just be a few members of your immediate family. 

Whatever your attendance will be, select the location for your backyard barbecue accordingly to suit all your guests. If there’s someone in the family with a large backyard, see if they are willing to host the event. Otherwise, you may want to look for parks or picnic areas that are big enough for your Father’s Day party.  

Finalize Your Menu

Once you know how many people will be attending the BBQ and where it will be held, you can start planning the menu. It may be a good idea to do a potluck with everyone bringing their own dish so you can take some of the pressure off yourself if you’re hosting the event. 

Nothing says Father’s Day like grilling some hot dogs and hamburgers, but feel free to get creative according to your dad’s food preferences. 

Make sure everyone attending knows what they’re responsible for bringing so you can have a complete BBQ with none of the essentials missing!

Spruce up Your Outdoor Area

Ahead of the actual barbecue, you’ll want to address your attention to the outdoor space where you’ll be hosting the party. You want to make sure it’s presentable for your guests and ready for a special Father’s Day celebration. 

This may include doing a deep clean of your grill, making sure the lawn is well-manicured, and cleaning up the seating and tables so they’re ready for guests. Feel free to add some potted plants and flowers to bring some life into your backyard space. You don’t need to overdo it with decor for a Father’s Day BBQ, but it would be nice to have matching place settings, balloons, and tablecloths to make the space feel welcoming and special. 

At this time, make sure you have enough seating room for everyone who will be attending and get a hold of some extra benches or chairs if needed. 

Have Some Activities Planned

At the Father’s Day BBQ, you’ll be more than happy to simply spend time with your loved ones. But, you can also consider having some fun games or activities on hand to make the event that much more special and engaging. 

Find some yard games that all ages can enjoy like corn hole, frisbee, or other games. This can be a great way to finish off the BBQ and take advantage of warm summer nights with all your favorite people.