Happy outdoor kitchen customer in New York

At Werever, we aren’t ever surprised when someone is really happy with their outdoor kitchen. We have a ton of happy customers, but sometimes the customers can say it better than we can. Here is what a customer in New York sent us today:

Here are the photos of my project. There are two JGPs. One is a collage of 3 different angles shots and the other is the best single photo.

I want to let you know that my expectations were some what low when I first received the sample pieces. I thought the material was some what cheesy. However, when my 3 cabinets and my custom panel came in they looked pretty good. My project was very different from your standard cabinet job. As my bar was build on 2 X 4’s and I had to design the cabinets around my openings. Well to make a long story short. I found that the custom panel you made me was easy to work with and I only had to make some minor changes to get it to fit my space. Also, the filler panels were easy to cut to my openings. As you can see from my pictures the cabinets look great and my wife and I are very happy with the out come.

Thank you one happy customer… Bill

We think it is funny that someone thought our outdoor cabinetry samples looked “cheesy” to the customer. We know full well that you really can’t demonstrate the quality and strength of the finished cabinet with a finger-sized sample made from half inch material. Not when each finished cabinet is solid, made with a three quarter inch body, and weighs over 100 pounds a piece!

Here is Bill’s finished project, just beautiful! And we’re thrilled he likes his new outdoor kitchen so much!

Werever outdoor cabinetry
Look at the finished project. Nothing cheesy here! Just a beautiful outdoor kitchen!