Hang Out at Your Own Backyard Bar & Grill

Bar and Stools copy
A Compact Outdoor Bi-level Bar

Summertime – who wants to be inside? The beach, the park, the zoo, the water park … they’re all saying “pick me, pick me, I’m fun.”

But wait – the prices, the traffic, the parking, the restroom facilities, the heat … nobody’s idea of fun. Not to mention that miserable ride home with sunburned, cranky kids in the back seat.

What to do? Hang out at a place where admission is free. Free parking, no traffic, private restrooms and air conditioning just steps away. No credit card needed. People say “don’t leave home without it.” I say “don’t leave home.”

Hang out with friends and family at your own backyard bar & grill. Everyone has a grill. Most any backyard has room for a bilevel bar with bar stools. Add a built-in grill or stick with the portable grill you have. You’ll want shade, so unfurl a large umbrella – or place your bar area under existing roofing. Your bi-level bar will be everyone’s favorite spot, no matter what other seating is available.

brick kitchen seating no grill showing
Seating for “Backseat Grilling Advisers”

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