Five Ways To Upgrade Your Grill Tool Storage

Grill, bbq area with tools hanging on the wall

Do you love to grill but hate the mess it causes? Having grilling tools on your cooking space can cause unwanted messes and stress that dampens all the fun. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to avoid grilling mishaps to make your cookout time more enjoyable. 

Use a Magnetic Tool Holder

One of the easiest fixes for organizing your grill tools is a magnetic tool holder. The magnetic base is designed to fix to the metal in your grill for a quick setup. 

You can even choose to move it around your grill as your needs change by simply detaching and reattaching it. So if you’re still deciding on the configuration of your grilling station, or your grill is along a wall, this may be the perfect option for you. 

Keep an Enclosed Grill Cart

Grill carts are a great way to make counter space and organize your tools. They can be conveniently stored right next to the grill for easy access. 

However, since they are typically stored outside, the best option is a grill cart with an enclosed casing. You’ll be able to protect your utensils from rust, damage, and disappearing due to strong weather. 

Invest in a Grill Cabinet 

The most professional and long-lasting option is investing in a grill cabinet configured to the structure of your grill. Werever can create a beautiful and spacious area for all of your favorite grilling accessories in one protected space. Choose from options like the drop-in style, pedestal style, and even speciality grill cabinets. 

The Drop-in style is a quick, popular, and easy-to-install option. The cabinets are cut-to-order with face plates, doors, and support structures molded to fit your specific grill’s dimensions. 

Pedestal style cabinets can provide even more storage options like drawers and pull-out slides. This special design will be expertly crafted to your specifications, so the final result will be much more attractive than store-bought options. 

Finally, if you have a kamado style grill, Werever can create a uniquely constructed cabinet with or without sides and countertop supports to suit it. 

Hang on Wall Hooks

Using a nearby wall panel is a great way to store your most-used tools nearby. Simply nail hooks to a panel and keep adding more as needed.

The con is that your items will be exposed to the elements, but if you are only storing a few of your must-have pieces like tongs, spatulas, and mitts, having a few hooks next to you can free up counter space and streamline the cooking process. 

Use a Grill Caddy or Storage Case

Another popular choice is a grill caddy or casing. This helps you keep all your essentials to the side, yet right next to your grill whenever you want to get cooking. 

A lot of regular toolboxes can actually turn into a mess themselves. Tools get hurriedly thrown into the mix and can get damaged and tangled as you’re trying to pull them out. Now you can find specialized storage cases with a variety of inner compartments to save your gear from wear and keep everything organized.