Creating a cozy autumn atmosphere in your yard

Fall is a transitional season. This is when temperatures start to fall and the cooler weather comes in. After the heat and humidity of summer, now is the perfect time to spend a lot of time outdoors.

The outdoors are even more welcoming once the searing temperatures of summer have faded away. Temperate, pleasant winds and warm autumn sunshine call people to head outdoors with great delight.

One area that deserves special attention during this time of the year is the backyard. It’s easier than ever to create a cozy autumn feel in any backyard. A few thoughtful details are all you need to offer a fast transformation you’ll appreciate all season long.

A Warm Space

As the shorter days lead to longer nights, you’ll want to make the most of those evening hours outside. Warm days are followed by much colder nights.

Your yard will benefit when you can provide a place where people can warm up. A fire pit is an easy solution. The fire pit can be used all year long to create a place where kids can roast s’mores. Adults can sit around the fire pit and enjoy a nice glass of mulled wine.

Outdoor Cushions

This is the perfect time to switch out those summer cushions and take them inside for cleaning. Chair cushions with more heft and give are right for fall. Look for cushions that can stand up to many different types of fall weather.

You’ll want chair cushions that won’t get moldy after the first light snowfall. A set of cushions in a beautiful fall color such as orange or soft brown brings in the kind of seasonable mood you like best. Look for details like perfectly trimmed edges to add durability as well as style to your outdoor spaces.

A Place For The Feet

This is the season to think about the kind of rugs along your outdoor surfaces. Rugs designed for fall are a good choice in places that get a lot of use. Place one along the back door to the deck. This allows people to wipe their muddy feet when they are coming inside.

Many modern rugs are made from polyester yarn. This yarn is taken from recycled materials. Not only is the yard soft to the touch. It’s also hard wearing and easy to clean even when the rain starts pour down.

Lighting It Up

Lighting up any backyard will make it easier to relax and enjoy it for hours after sunset. Look for fall lighting that can create a mood. For example, string a band of solar powered fairy lights across the top of your deck.

Even in the autumn, they’ll soak up power during the day. At night, watch them come alive with beautiful color. Take your outdoor tables and make them more intimate with suitable lighting on top.

A set of hurricane lamps protects the candles you’ve placed inside and adds an additional layer of cozy comfort at the same time.

The Right Accessories

Getting the fall look in place means getting all the details in place. Everything should work together. It’s important to think about the use of color. This is when people think about glorious organic colors found in nature such as tangerine and navy. Bring those colors to your background.

A set of throws across the sides of your chairs in fall prints makes it easy to stay warm and keep the wind away. Pots in similar shades with fall appropriate plants are another easy way to make it cozy.