Creating a Comfortable Outdoor Workspace

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve all been cooped up indoors more than normal this year. Many employers have switched to work-from-home policies, and many public facilities are still shut down, meaning we’re forced to find creative (yet safe) ways to get outdoors. 

For many of us, cabin fever has led us to take a hard look at our outdoor spaces and how they can be improved. Your deck, balcony, or backyard is a chance to create a beautiful, livable outdoor space that will enhance your quality of life. 

If you’re working from home, you’re probably getting tired of your home office by now. The solution is closer by than you may think. Your deck or backyard is good for more than barbecues and playing fetch with your dog. With a well-designed and functioning outdoor workspace, your workday might not feel like work at all!

Ready to transform your deck, balcony, or backyard into a beautiful atmosphere perfect for relaxation and high productivity? Keep reading for some tips on creating your dream outdoor workspace.

Install storage space and power supply

For an outdoor space to be functional, it’s got to have plenty of storage and a reliable power supply. Spacious outdoor cabinets will allow you to store all your work supplies, so you don’t have to lug them in and out each day.

A reliable power source will come in handy if you work with a laptop. Speaking of laptops, you’ll want to look for High-Density Polyethylene, or HDPE, cabinets to protect your laptop from overheating in the sun. There are many more benefits of HDPE cabinets, including lower cost, greater longevity, and nicer aesthetics. 

Pick the right area for your workspace

Next, be sure to pick the right area for your outdoor workspace. Whether you’re working, dining, or relaxing, you’ll want a shady spot. Make sure to place your new workspace in a shady spot, perhaps under an overhang or tree.

If you don’t have a shady spot in your outdoor space, you can purchase an accompanying canopy/shade to create an all-season work area. It might even be worth it to build a permanent shade structure, such as a gazebo or pergola.

Invest in the necessary accessories

Lastly, be sure to invest in wireless accessories to make your deck or backyard a fully functioning outdoor workspace. A few accessory necessities include:

  • A wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphones
  • An anti-glare laptop screen
  • A portable/solar-powered charger
  • A neckband fan to keep cool