Contemporary Cocina: How to Design an Ultra-Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Want to transform your backyard, now that you’re more likely to have guests over again? 

As we collectively hope that the effects of the pandemic will die down, have you been met by the crushing realization that you’ll soon need to impress your family and friends with your dinner hosting skills?

Not to worry: We’re going to show you how to design a super modern outdoor kitchen! This can be enjoyed quietly in your own company, but it also works great if you’re hosting a dinner party. 

Here’s how to design an ultra-modern outdoor kitchen that will be sure to wow your guests and help you host some amazing dinners on warm evenings.

Start with your colors

When you imagine a modern outdoor kitchen, what does the color palette look like? A cornerstone of contemporary design is a neutral range of colors, like black, white, beige and gray. 

The key to achieving a modern outdoor kitchen is to build the worktops, cabinets and any other surfaces with soft, neutral colors. Avoid any colorful pastels or otherwise bright colors, as these will take away from the modern look you’re aiming for.

Feel free to play around with different textures and metallics, but stick to neutral colors. At most, you likely want no more than a two-tone outdoor kitchen, with two main neutrals making for a pleasant contrast. For instance, a gray stone countertop could mix well with beige cabinetry. 

Your appliances should have a similar finish to your countertops and other main features of your outdoor kitchen. Try and go for an understated stainless steel for your appliances, in a color that complements the rest of your kitchen. 

How about shapes?

A modern outdoor kitchen is defined by sharp edges, straight lines and clear-cut designs. Rounded corners are probably best to be avoided! Think about how the corner of your cabinets should appear as an ‘L’ shape. 

This rule goes beyond just the cabinets and appliances themselves – even accents like cabinet handles should be sleek and come in cool, neutral tones. 

Lighting is key

When thinking about how to add light to your outdoor kitchen, consider minimalism your best friend. Low-key outdoor lighting elevates your space into a much cozier place, especially when you use discrete, recessed LED lights. Avoid grand, hanging pendants that cast bright light on the area.

Prime areas to add discrete lighting are under countertops or on walking paths that lead to your kitchen. 

Take a look at the image below for a great example of recessed lighting in a modern-looking outdoor kitchen:

Note the addition of outdoor sofas (with cushions!) and plants to make for an even more homely space. 

It’s time to design your modern outdoor kitchen!

You should now have a much better idea of what makes a modern outdoor kitchen. Just keep ‘simplicity’ in mind and you won’t go far wrong.