Color in Your Outdoor Kitchen –

Color in Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen adds another visual element to your backyard living space. Just as color can tie together a room indoors, color can bring out the personality in your outdoor kitchen as well. Stainless steel or masonry in warm, earth tones can provide the canvas for an outdoor kitchen’s colorful accents.
When choosing color accents for an outdoor kitchen don’t shy away from bold, make-a-statement choices. When ordinary red isn’t enough, go crimson. Consider colors such as tangerine and chartreuse, which can work with several countertop styles and cabinet finishes. If fire or earth tones aren’t your style, look at cerulean or viridian for cool, relaxing tones.

If you know your bold color choice is one you’re going to want to live with for a long time, consider adding your color with tiles. Whether you opt for a tile floor that includes your accent color or decide to create a mosaic masterpiece on one wall, tiles are a great way to bring color into the outdoor kitchen décor.

Many homeowners prefer a level of flexibility when it comes to room décor. Let’s face it—we may tire of a style or color after a time and want to be able update or redesign to fit our mood. To add color and pizzazz to your outdoor kitchen décor, look to accent pieces and accessories.

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed floral arrangement or colorfully potted plant. Fresh floral arrangements are fragrant and eye-catching, a great décor addition when entertaining or even enjoying a romantic evening for two. Another option is to display a collection of cooking herbs in small colorful pots on the counter. It will add visual interest and keep your favorite herbs within reach when you’re preparing meals in the outdoor kitchen.

Lighting can bring color to your space as well. Paper lanterns are elegant, yet whimsical décor additions. You can find battery-operated lanterns, usually in a set of four at many home décor retailers. Install color changing LED lighting around the base of the kitchen bar area or add twinkling garland lights to the ceiling of a pergola.
Don’t forget about fabrics! Seat cushions, placemats and area rugs or mats are easy ways to add color. Whatever you choose for your perfect accent color, have fun with it and you can make your outdoor living space as special as your indoor space.