Your Back Yard – A Blank Slate


According to a 2015 builders’ survey, fewer new homes are being SuperSized these days. The current ideal home size for Americans is smaller than in the recent past. Formal living rooms are predicted to disappear in the future. But people still want a place to entertain family and friends in comfort and style.

People have always found ways to increase the “size” of their homes. In the past, basements were finished off to create rec rooms (today’s bonus room), and garages were turned into extra bedrooms. Now the focus is on the back yard. Most everyone has one, and most every back yard is a blank slate where a beautiful outdoor living space can be created.

Re-imagine Your Back Yard

backyard-june rev

At this point, your back yard might consist of some grass, a 10’x10′ cement slab, and maybe a swing set. Think of it as a blank slate. You can turn it into a great place to sit and relax with friends and family. You don’t have to do it all at once. A rec room remodel isn’t finished until you add flooring. Your back yard is different. With planning, your outdoor living area should never look unfinished. You can create it in stages. Add comfortable seating, lighting and an outdoor grilling/eating area. Install a canopy or place an umbrella for shade on those sunny afternoons. A water feature adds ambiance. All this can be done in stages, as your time and budget allow. Only you will know when it’s complete!

Snow Eventually Melts

Your back yard may be covered in snow – but not forever (it only seems that way). Now’s the time to create your plan. Make a wish list. Visit outdoor kitchen stores. Spring is coming. Be ready.