7 Outdoor Water Features for Your Backyard

When you want to have an enjoyable backyard, you can have outdoor water features that add beauty to the space or that are usable. Today, there are several types of outdoor water features available, so you can look at your home’s backyard before thinking about the type of water feature that you want to install.

Garden ponds

The installation of a garden pond gives you a great place to sit and relax after a difficult day at work. There are ready-made pond systems that you or a technician can install in the backyard, or alternatively, you might prefer a customized pond.

It is possible to keep fish, turtles or frogs in or near the garden, and you can have an assortment of plants around this water feature.


When you select a garden pond, it can also have a waterfall element to give it additional beauty. While the garden pond will have a filtering system to keep the water clean, a waterfall can help to aerate the water to prevent foul odors and to stop the growth of mold or fungus.

You can also have a waterfall decorative element without having a garden pond.


If you enjoy watching birds, then you can have a birdbath outside your home where a variety of birds will gather to drink water and splash. There are birdbaths that are aerated so that you don’t need to clean or empty the item, but there are also birdbaths that you must wash and fill on your own.

You can find natural stone, concrete or plastic birdbaths to have in a flower or meditation garden.

Water walls

Water walls are one of the newest types of water features that you can have in your home’s backyard, and one of these is traditionally added to the siding of your home.

This is the perfect water feature for a smaller backyard that has a deck attached near a patio door. You can find hundreds of different types of water walls to augment the appearance of your home’s backyard.

Water jars

There are large jars that contain equipment that will pour water from the item. These decorative jars have a classic appearance so that you can have one of these water features in the middle of a meditation garden.

In some cases, multiple water jars are stacked to create a waterfall element, and these objects look fantastic along a pathway or on a deck.

Hot tubs

Hot tubs are useful items that you can have in a backyard, but there are attractive hot tubs. In addition, when you install a hot tub, it can have a deck and privacy walls. Specialty stores have a variety of hot tubs in different sizes, styles and colors, and a designer can create a unique space for a hot tub.

Statuary fountains

There are statuary fountains that have spraying or sprinkling water. You can find a variety of types of statues, including figurines of people or animals along with abstract designs. It is possible to find huge or small statuary fountains that are the appropriate sizes for your home’s backyard.