5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Memorial Day Cookout

If you have a wonderful outdoor kitchen built in your backyard, Memorial Day is the perfect time to begin the summer grilling season and show off this amazing home feature. Whether you want to throw a small get-together or a large-scale party, read through the following tips to help make sure your event is a success and you get the most out of your outdoor kitchen. 

1. Plan Your Menu Ahead of Time

Possibly the biggest tip for throwing a successful Memorial Day party, or any event for that matter, is to plan out your menu ahead of time. This will give you time to ensure you have all the proper ingredients on hand, see what you’ll need to prep beforehand, and what you can handle the day of. 

Make a game plan for how you’ll prepare all the food, and in what order so you can see if it’s feasible in your outdoor kitchen, or if you’ll need to pare down your menu to be more practical. 

2. Clean and Prep Your Grill

Once you know what food items you plan on cooking for your guests, make sure your grill is ready to go and running properly. Especially for Memorial Day, this may be the first big event of the year where you’re cooking and entertaining in your outdoor kitchen. So, you might want to set aside some time for a deep cleaning of your outdoor kitchen area, especially your grill. 

3. Stock up on the Essentials

Before your guests arrive, make sure you have all the supplies you need for your cookout. This includes charcoal or propane for your grill if needed, lighter fluid, matches or a lighter, grilling tools, and plenty of plates and utensils. 

If you plan on decorating your outdoor space, pick those items up ahead of time and decorate plenty early in the day to give yourself time to prepare for the rest of the party. 

4. Organize Your Outdoor Kitchen

Make sure to keep things organized during your Memorial Day cookout. This means keeping your cooking area clean and tidy and having designated spots for food and drinks. If everything is easily accessible both for you and your guests, you will create an amazing cookout experience that all your family and friends will love. 

Consider Werever cabinets if you need extra storage space in your outdoor kitchen. This can help you stay organized with all your cooking utensils, grilling tools, and other accessories all in one convenient location. 

5. Have Enough Seating

Depending on how big your outdoor dining space is and how many people you invited to your cookout, you may need to add more seating. As a good host, you need to have enough space for everyone who plans on attending. 

Adding a bench, extra chairs, and even a folding table may be necessary depending on how large your cookout will be. You want to avoid any situations where someone has to awkwardly stand and eat their meal, or have to sit on the ground.