6 Best outdoor patio color schemes to consider

Designing your dream outdoor patio is an exciting venture for any homeowner. Once your layout is finalized, the next step is choosing the perfect color scheme to bring your space to life. Remember, no patio is complete without thoughtful decor. Werever offers a stunning selection to match any style, with 15 designer matte finish colors and 7 woodgrain textures. Explore our color options and get inspired for your next outdoor project.

Minimalistic Dark

Source: Christina Kayser Onsgaard

One of the benefits of having dark color furniture is that they require less maintenance compared to light color furniture. This works perfectly for families with smaller children because it makes cleanups easy to tackle. In addition, most dark color furniture has minimalistic characteristics that make it easy to create a minimal outdoor entertainment area. If you find this concept too minimal, try adding rich green plants and colorful flowers to brighten up the area.

Basic Neutral

Source: Studio McGee

If your goal is to have a calm outdoor space without loud colors, keep it simple by sticking with neutrals. This color palette is quite popular in most households because it makes the decorating process much easier. You are able to create a subtle elegance by mixing grays and neutral tones, patterns, and textures. Consider adding gray throw pillows, ottomans, lounge chairs for a monochromatic color look.

Airy & White

Source: ArchitecuralDigest.com

Most homeowners would not invest in white or light color outdoor furniture because they are afraid of the potential damages rain, snow, or harsh weather conditions could cause to their furniture. However, today’s durable fabric technology makes it easy to clean up messes with just a wipe of a cloth. Nonetheless, guests can enjoy eating delicious food and drinking wine without the fear of spilling or damaging furniture. Compliment the light outdoor furniture with rich textures or natural materials like a wood side table, burlap fabrics, basket weave or ceramic planters.

Bright Sea Blue

Source: Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets and More

Create an at-home-getaway with shades like sapphire blue and seafoam. Quite literally, transform your patio into a serene oasis. Against a bright white backdrop, these cool tones create a striking contrast that is both visually stunning and calming. The deep blue offers a “cooling effect,” perfect for relaxing on warm days. Consider adding pops of color to enhance the ambiance further, creating a space that feels both vibrant and tranquil.

Relaxing Cool Tones

Source: Domino.com

Cool greens, purples, and blues make up the color scheme palette known as Cool Tones and there are many advantages to decorating with these tones. They can help create a relaxing environment and have positive benefits for the human body. The deepness of these colors tends to have a “cooling effect” that helps relax the muscles and soothe the mind. Try balancing the decor with a warm color or two. Learn more about creating a calming environment on theSpruce.

Vibrant Warm Tones

Source: Decorist.com

If you live in an area that does not get much sun throughout the year, small adjustments in paint color can help create your own paradise at home. Bold colors in decor can create an uplifting ambiance and boost mood. Furthermore, If you are not in love with the idea of bold color furniture, consider painting a bold accent wall and add neutral decor to balance out the color scheme.

Choosing the right color scheme for your patio can truly elevate your outdoor space, making it both stylish and functional. Werever ensures there’s color options to complement any decor. All matte finish colors are offered at the same price, while the woodgrain texture face is available as an upgrade. Plus, the material is UV-protected against fading, and unlike PVC, this high-density polyethylene (HDPE) won’t chalk over time. You can rest easy knowing that the color is solid throughout the board. With such durable and vibrant options, Werever outdoor cabinets are a smart investment for anyone looking to enhance their patio with both style and longevity.

Material colors will vary depending on your screen. Please request a material sample to see the exact color.