4 Outdoor Fire Features That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

While many of us love this time of year due to the snow and festivities, many of us do not because it can be too cold to go outside. Don’t let this cold weather stop you from enjoying some fun outdoor activities.

Here are a few fire features you should consider putting into your backyard so that you may enjoy the outdoors this winter.

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a great way to gather your family around to share laughter and stories. It can also be inexpensive. Its sleek and stylish look can take your patio design to the next level. Before you go on a hunt to find the best pit, here are a few things you should know.

Where you place your pit is very important. Make sure you are at least 15 feet from your home or garage and in an open space where there aren’t any low hanging tree branches.

Now that you know where you want to place your pit, put your metal grate on the fire bowl and place pieces of newspaper or cardboard on top. Then add a small amount of kindling. Next, use a match to light your newspaper or cardboard. Once your kindling has caught fire, put your firewood on top and place your cover over the fire. Add more firewood when needed.


If ambiance is what you are after, then this feature may be best for you. It is known for having a more elegant design and it is attractive to have in spaces such as a pavilion. It can be great to have for entertaining guests with wine or when having a romantic evening. If it is built in a pavilion, it can be used during rainy weather. If it is built in a pavilion, it can be used during rainy weather.

An outdoor fireplace can either be bought or custom built, and you should prepare to put it in a clean area at least 10 feet away from your house or garage. It should also sit on a non-combustible base.

When ready to use, cover the floor of your feature with sand or ash. Next, place a large log that is at least 8 to 10 inches in the back of the feature. Then add smaller logs. Press the logs into the ash or sand, and then fill in whatever gaps are between the logs with newspaper and small sticks, or kindling. Then take a match and light the newspaper. Maintain your fire by adding more kindling or logs.


This is a fantastic portable outdoor fire feature that can be wonderful for the winter. Much like a pit, it can be very affordable but unlike the other fire features, it does not have to be placed 15 feet from your home.

Its design locks in the fire so that there is only a small opening that can be on one or both sides of the feature. This allows it to be placed in the corner of your patio or in an open space, but make sure it is placed underneath a surface that is fireproof.

Chimineas are also easy to use. Place a small amount of tinder, kindling, and wood inside. Next, use a match to light the tinder and kindling. To maintain your fire, simply add one or two small logs at a time.

Fire Table

This feature is an elegant addition to your outdoor living space for occasions to gather people around just as you would gather people around a pit. These are great to use on a cool evening to sit around during or after a nice meal to have a fireside discussion.

Fire tables can be built inside any type of table that is built to withstand a fire. These tables can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, cast aluminum, bronze, wicker, fiberglass, or faux stone.

Depending on which table you choose you will either have to use propane, natural gas, wood, charcoal, gel, or bio-ethanol to start your fire. They all have their own benefits so it depends on your preference.

No matter which fire feature you choose, you cannot go wrong adding one of these to your outdoor decor. It can be exactly what your family needs to continue planning fun outdoor activities this winter.