3 Irresistible Outdoor Kitchen Color Schemes

When designing any add-on for your home, you typically want it to match the overall aesthetic of its decor and architecture. The same goes for your outdoor kitchen.

Whether small or large, the first consideration in the outdoor kitchen design process should be the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. While much of that comes down to the kinds of appliances, cabinet styles, and furnishings you choose, the first step is usually the color scheme.

HDPE outdoor kitchen cabinets, like those from Werever, are the best choice for homeowners that really want to get stylish with their outdoor kitchen. Plain old stainless steel cabinetry doesn’t allow for the same level of diversity and creative freedom — nor are they nearly as weatherproof. Their plain metal finish usually makes for an industrial look that doesn’t really match to its surroundings.

Here are a few outdoor kitchen color palettes you can’t go wrong with — and which settings they’re best suited to.


Monochromatic kitchens are best-suited to more contemporary properties, such as modern homes with a largely black-and-white theme. This is perhaps why the most popular monochromatic outdoor kitchen style is the all-white.

An all-white outdoor kitchen can lend itself to a clean, airy, inviting vibe that’s conducive to summer pool parties.

It blends well with navy blue elements like an accent wall, vases and countertop decorations, or barstools.

It can also pair well with brushed black appliances, light fixtures, and cabinet handles.

Neutral Tones

Gray, beige, and similar neutral-toned outdoor kitchen color schemes are perhaps the most versatile. All at once, they can lend themselves to a more traditional look or evoke a semblance of modernity.

When investing in neutral-toned outdoor kitchen cabinets, it’s usually best to opt for an understated countertop, like one that is black or white granite.

To introduce a pop of color in a neutral-toned kitchen, explore your outdoor rug options. A bohemian style rug in jewel tones (such as ruby red, sapphire blue, or emerald green) can really make for a festive atmosphere in an otherwise achromatic outdoor kitchen.

Wood & Timber

Introducing timber accents to interior design has become an ultra-popular trend in 2020. It offers a natural, warm vibe while also maintaining a contemporary look and feel.

You can opt for a light or dark-toned wooden finish to your outdoor kitchen cabinetry, or you can also introduce a slatted backsplash.

One thing’s for sure: the warmth of the wood is well-complemented by stainless steel appliances, barstools, and light fixtures. Their cool, silver finish against the wooden backdrop makes for a super chic, high-end space akin to your favorite gastropub.