Example Packages

Here are some examples of outdoor cabinet packages to help you understand the price of Werever cabinetry.  Please note that we offer free design services.  Most customers do not buy these pre-configured packages.  These are shown to give you an idea of the cost of outdoor cabinetry.

We offer HUNDREDS of sizes and styles, not just the FEW shown here.

If you like a package shown here but would prefer to rearrange the layout, that can be done without any issues. The individual outdoor cabinets can be arranged in any order. If you don’t see what you like in a preconfigured outdoor cabinet package, we will be happy help you with a custom outdoor kitchen design, free of charge. Contact us today for help with your project.

3 Foot Packages

Package A36

18″ Sink Base
18″ Base$1,451

Package B36

18″ Sink Base
18″ Base$1,712

Package C36

18″ Drawer Base
18″ 3-Drawer Base$1,902


4 Foot Packages

Package A48

24″ Sink Base
24″ Base$1,963

Package B48

24″ Drawer Base
24″ Drawer Base$2,302

Package C48

24″ Drawer Base
24″ 4-Drawer Base$2,460


6 Foot Packages

Package A72

18″ Sink Base
24″ Base
30″ Base$2,824

Package B72

18″ Sink Base
24″ Drawer Base
30″ Drawer Base$3,140

Package C72

18″ Drawer Base
24″ 4-Drawer Base
30″ Drawer Base$3,140