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Featured on Kitchen Crashers

Werever Outdoor Cabinets have been featured on DIY Network and HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers TV show again. Hosted by Alison Victoria and designed by Damon Lang of Green Planet Landscaping, this project is a must-see. It features a beautiful cabana with “his” and “hers” seating areas.  A one-of-a-kind tailgate bench made...Read More »

Your Backyard - A Guest Room Where You're the Guest

Spring – it’s the time to throw open the windows and let the fresh breezes in.

Flower bulbs are sprouting, birds are returning from their winter journey, the grass is coming back to life – and we’re making “to do” lists.

We make “to do” lists each spring. We’re ready to...Read More »

Your Back Yard - A Blank Slate


According to a 2015 builders’ survey, fewer new homes are being SuperSized these days. The current ideal home size for Americans is smaller than in the recent past. Formal living rooms are predicted to disappear in the future. But people still want a place to entertain family and friends in comfort and...Read More »

Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

Planning an outdoor kitchen can be stressful.  Unless you have an unlimited space and budget, getting every single wish-list item you can think of might not be practical.  But you DO want to make sure you don’t overlook something very important and later wish you thought of something during your planning.  The good news...Read More »

Seen on DIY Network - 11 Times!

Would DIY keep inviting WerEver back if they didn’t love our outdoor cabinets? WerEver’s outdoor cabinetry is featured on eleven different DIY Network shows. The popularity of outdoor living spaces, particularly outdoor kitchens, is growing across America. Why so many shows? Well it’s simple: Our cabinetry is AWESOME. It is...Read More »

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Picking the right outdoor kitchen countertop is a critical decision. The saying that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link applies to outdoor countertops. This guide will tell you the pros and cons of picking various materials for countertops.

Werever Products can ship outdoor cabinetry anywhere, but we...Read More »

Outdoor Kitchen Bars

Outdoor kitchens and bars go together like — well –an outdoor kitchen with a bar! Nothing complements great food and great times with family and friends more than a comfortable bar area. Enjoy the game, or just great conversation. Do people expect to come to your BBQ for food...Read More »

More Outdoor Kitchens on Yard Crashers... in Tampa

Episode 707: Tampa Party Pad

We’re baaaack!

Outdoor kitchens on Yard Crashers keep happening again and again! Werever Outdoor Kitchens were featured on two completely new Yard Crashers shows that debuted in July 2012. Both backyard designs were totally unique, and both projects were stunning. And...Read More »

Kitchen Crashers Features Outdoor Cabinets by Werever

Watch this episode to see how a plain, featureless backyard is turned into a stunning outdoor kitchen. Sometimes an outdoor kitchen is really just a grill with a countertop, but not this project! It is a full featured outdoor kitchen with a beautiful built-in grill, a side burner, kegerator, a...Read More »

Seven Tips to Retain Outdoor Kitchen Value

It has been long believed that indoor kitchens are the number one home improvement project in terms of keeping their value. Outdoor kitchen value is hard to predict in terms of resale value, but outdoor kitchens are joining the category of wise home improvement projects. In a recent study, the...Read More »

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