Hurricane Katrina Testimonial

One Customer Called our Outdoor Products “Katrina Proof”!

This is a real testimonial. We shipped a fillet table to a customer pre-hurricane Katrina. The table, along with the rest of the customer’s property, was swept away in the storm. The table traveled about 1 mile in the storm. During recovery efforts, our customer found the table stuck in a tree, tangled by the hose-wash accessory. After cutting the table loose and resetting it on their dock, the table was as straight and level as the day they bought it. The images below are the actual photos and hand-written notes from the customer.

Hurricane Katrina Testimonial Letter
I am so sorry this is late getting to you. We are finally back in our house. We really do appreciate the drawer that you sent to us. I have included a few pictures for your review. Looks like brand new. Once again, we will recommend this table to all our friends. You can state in your advertising that the table is “Katrina Proof”. We will gladly testify to that fact.
Bay St. Louis, MS


The table was swept away 1 mile
The table was carried 1 mile by Hurricane Katrina
“Table found about a mile from house stuck in tree. We used an airboat to retrieve it”


Table after Hurricane Katrina
“This is the table after the storm all cleaned up with the new drawer. Looks brand new. You can see the devastation in the distance… homes leveled to the pilings.”


Hurricane Katrina Testimonial
“The quality of the table is second to none. We had just a few minor scratches which is really unbelievable for the beating it took. Would we recommend this table to our friends? Without a doubt.”


After Hurricane Katrina
“As you can see, we use our fish cleaning table a lot. Many thanks for your generosity. Returning to normalcy means a lot these days. Sincerely, David”