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Health Risks of PVC Outdoor Cabinets

PVC is a known hazard to human health and to the environment. If you’re shopping for outdoor cabinets, beware of PVC cabinets. Werever builds HDPE outdoor cabinets, not PVC. HDPE is superior to PVC when it comes to strength, heat resistance and strength, UV-resistance, chemical resistance,...Read More »

Outdoor Kitchen Helps Couple Return to Normalcy Following Hurricane Harvey


When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Tim & Cindy McGinty thought they were in the clear. Little did they know the worst was yet to come…

Click the video above to see their story and learn how their Werever Outdoor Kitchen cabinets have helped...Read More »

Why Choose HDPE?: 5 Minutes with an Expert in Outdoor Cabinetry Installation

Over the past few posts, we’ve discussed the strength, durability and ease of care of HDPE outdoor cabinets. This time, we wanted to get the perspective of someone who makes his living installing...Read More »

Are all HDPE outdoor cabinets the same?

A builder found out that hard way that not all HDPE cabinets are created equal. He’d started an outdoor kitchen project using another HDPE cabinet, because he thought all HDPE cabinets were the same (hey, at least he didn’t go with PVC). But a short while into the project, he...Read More »

Weatherstrong vs. Werever: What's the difference?

If you’re in the market for an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ve seen cabinets for sale through big box retailers.  Sure, they may offer a better price point, but in the long-term, what are you sacrificing in terms of value?  We compared Weatherstrong cabinets, for sale through Home Depot, with...Read More »

Comparing Outdoor Cabinetry and Putting Materials to the Test Part III: Care and Maintenance


In our last post, we showed you what happens to each of the common materials used in outdoor cabinets when you use a pressure washer on them.

Closely related to that–how easy is it to clean these cabinets if...Read More »

Comparing Outdoor Cabinetry and Putting Materials to the Test Part II: Durability


In our last post, we looked at the strength of three of the most common materials used in constructing outdoor cabinets–High Density Polyethyene (HDPE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and a foam resin. HDPE easily proved to be a stronger, more robust material.

Now...Read More »

Comparing Outdoor Cabinetry and Putting Materials to the Test Part I: Strength


In our last post, we spoke with Werever Production Manager Chris DePaul about materials used in building outdoor cabinets. He concluded that High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) was a better material for building outdoor cabinets than either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or foam resin, because...Read More »

What is Marine Grade Polymer and Other Tough Questions About Outdoor Cabinetry Answered

WerEver’s Chris DePaul has worked in all facets of building construction for more than a decade, becoming an expert in materials and construction methods along the way. As Production Manager, he oversees every aspect of cabinet production, and spearheads R&D to make sure...Read More »

Who are you buying outdoor cabinets from?

More Outdoor Cabinet Companies

The outdoor cabinet industry is growing. There is no disputing that fact. But who are you buying your outdoor cabinets from? What experience do they really have? Are the pictures on their website even theirs? How long have they been involved in the outdoor cabinet business?

With the...Read More »

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